“Making India Fit”

Our Journey So Far

Knowing what the future holds if we continue to live our comfortable lives of tv, home delivery and junk food, how will we change the outcome of it all? The way we look at it, it’s the children of today who are going to be in the risk bracket 10 years from now. We decided that our first intervention should be to help children prepare for a healthy tomorrow.

The first initiative of CoolCoach is dedicated to bring health and fitness into the limelight of education. By introducing quality Physical Education (PE) to children in under resourced schools, we are taking the first step towards getting them to take control of their lives and lead it actively. By making PE active and engaging, we’re helping children associate exercise with fun, thereby instilling physical activity to become second nature.

Thus was born our mission of
introducing quality PE in schools.

Fellowship Theory of Change

With the design of the CoolCoach Fellowship program, our short and long term theories of change are described below:

Short Term Theory of Change #1: Expose children from under resourced schools to fitness and the benefits associated with it (academic and otherwise).
#2: Arm CoolCoach Fellows with vocational training that includes health and wellness along with behavioral development skills such as communication, leadership, discipline, etc.
#3: Provide CoolCoach Fellows with the opportunity to hone their skills, gain practical experience and obtain job placement as Asst. PE Coaches in low income schools.
Long Term Theory of Change #1: Health – Improve overall health of young people by infusing physical activities and health education into the school environment.
#2: Academics – prolonged involvement in physical activity supports and improves cognitive functioning.
#3: Community – Fellows serve as fitness ambassadors by inspiring, supporting and coaching young people to shape a healthy lifestyle. They also become role models for young people in their community who may not know that a career in fitness, health and leadership are viable options.

Our Way Forward

Our mission is to create a generation of individuals who will grow up with the awareness and knowledge of the importance of nutrition, health and fitness while also empowering, educating and preparing physically active youth from the underserved populations to enter the growing fitness industry.

For our next CoolCoach Fellowship (2018-20), we aim to be present in 3 locations:
Pune, India (30 Fellows in 30 schools)
Kozhikode, India (15 Fellows in 15 schools)
Nairobi, Kenya (15 Fellows in 15 schools)

Below is a map of the CoolCoach journey to Make Nations Fit for next 5 years.

Year Cities Fellows Schools Children
Cities Fellow Schools Children
2018 3 60 60 20,000
2019 7 200 200 72,000
2020 12 300 300 1 lakh+
2021 15 450 450 1.5 lakh+
2022 15 600 600 2 lakh+