Our Story

Youth unemployment and health are two of the biggest challenges facing many developing nations. CoolCoach was born to take on these challenges head on.

We started experimenting with the idea of creating a vocational training program in fitness for youth from underprivileged families. CoolCoach observed that a career as a fitness trainer is lucrative and with low(er) barriers to entry. It provides a fantastic opportunity for motivated youth to be quickly skilled and gainfully employed. A qualified fitness trainer can impact many lives positively.

The CoolCoach team adopted the lean approach and spent months doing research and running small experiments. We found that there is a huge demand for qualified fitness trainers and we found no program that was delivering on technical (fitness) as well as soft skills. We also stumbled upon the fact that in children, physical activity not only improves health but also aids with the cognitive development. Moreover, children who are active growing up are much more likely to be active as adults. Keeping all this in mind, the CoolCoach team arrived on a training model that looks very similar to the Teach For India/America Fellowship model.

CoolCoach will select youth who have an interest in fitness/sports but come from low-income families, train them on Physical Education (PE) and then place them as PE teachers in resource-constrained schools. Once the trainees are done with their training and internship, CoolCoach will help place them in the growing fitness industry in India where they would continue to work on Making India Fit. Not only is CoolCoach creating an alternative career track for unemployed youth but it is also making children healthier in under-resourced schools in our country.

We are currently running a 4 month pilot in Pune, India. We have are working with 4 trainee coaches who are training about 250 children in 2 low income schools in Pune. We are also laying the foundation to do a 4 month pilot in Nairobi, Kenya

CoolCoach has made it to the inaugural cohort of TFIx, a year long incubator started by Teach For India, for passionate entrepreneurs who adapt Teach For India’s model to their context.


"To be fair I just wanted to learn something which will improve my lifestyle. I feel more confident after undergoing the CoolCoach training program and I know that I still have to learn lots of things. The CoolCoach program is really unique which helps you improve your personality, your professionalism and your soft skills which no one takes efforts to help you."

- Nihal Gaware, the first CoolCoach trainee. He is now a Coach at CrossFit Chakra, one of India’s first CrossFit gyms.

"I want to become a good trainer, known across India. The CoolCoach program is not only helping me become a better trainer but it also helping me become a better human being."

- Kiran Shinge, CoolCoach trainee in the current program.

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Our Team

Suraj Sudhakar - Founder

Life long sportsperson with 12+ years of experience in the social sector in India and Kenya.

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Pawan Jani - Founding Training and Thought Partner.

Certified CrossFit Level 2 trainer with over 7 years of experience in the fitness industry.

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Kaustubh Tambhale - Lead, Program Design

Masters in Sports Psychology. Certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer. Martial Artist and NLP practitioner.

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